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Welcome to the PaperCards.com calendar store, where you can buy Graphique de France calendars in a variety of formats and themes. Whether it's a wall, agenda, or planner calendar, you'll find well known brands like Barbie, Dr. Seuss, and Peanuts along with beautiful travel destinations like New York and Paris. Plus, you'll find a wide selection of calendars featuring nature, animals, flowers, and more!

Graphique de France calendars are known for their extremely high quality and environmentally friendly construction. Eco-Friendly features include the use of recycled paper and soy-based inks. All of the Graphique de France wall calendars are printed on paper made with timber from managed forests.

Just look at some of the extras including with the calendars:
  • 16-month format for all wall calendars and mini wall calendars.
  • Fun activity stickers for the following calendars: Dr. Seuss, Flower Fairies, Peanuts, and Sea Food (Play with your Food).
  • In-depth biographies for featured artists, celebrities and licensed brands.
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