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PaperCards.com Affiliate Program

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The greeting card industry is booming. Approximately 7 billion greeting cards will be purchased this year, generating more than $7.5 billion in retail sales. We're giving you the opportunity to get a piece of this market by offering your audience a way to easily find and purchase paper greeting cards on the web. And since the average U.S. household purchases 35 individual cards per year, you can earn money on all of those repeat purchases!

In addition, PaperCards.com offers thousands of other stationery products including boxed note cards, invitations, announcements, bulletins, letterhead, post cards, and more. With thousands of items to choose from and more being added every day, you couldn't find a better partner.


  1. You sign up. (Membership is free!)
  2. We provide you with links to a variety of products (Christmas cards, invitations, calendars, etc.)
  3. You place those links that correspond to the user's interests on your website
  4. You earn a 10% commission on every sale that originates from your website
  5. When the customer returns to buy more items, you'll earn commissions for the next 12 months!

Joining the papercards.com affiliate program allows you to partner with one of the Internet's leading greeting card retailers. We handle the hard part of e-commerce: transaction processing, customer service and fulfillment. You get to do the fun part: choosing links and then watching commissions add up.


  1. Read our Affiliate Operating Agreement.
  2. Submit a completed online application.
  3. We'll permit you to link to our greeting card store!

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