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Ordering and Billing

Ordering from PaperCards.com and Curiosities Greeting Cards is simple:

  1. Find an item on our site.
  2. Choose to deliver the item to yourself or someone else.
  3. Click the Add to Cart button.

Finding an Item

To help you find the perfect greeting cards, stationery, invitations, and more, we have created popular sub-categories to allow you to search more easily. When you begin shopping in a category, we'll provide some popular sub-categories to narrow your search. If you are looking for something specific, simply type some keywords (i.e.- dog birthday cards) into the search box.

Delivering to Yourself

If you have chosen to deliver the items to yourself, they will be shipped in non-bendable packaging to protect your merchandise.

Delivering to Someone Else

If you would like to take advantage of our gift sending service, you can choose to have the item(s) sent directly to the recipient. If you are sending a personalized greeting card, it will be sealed in its envelope, stamped, and sent directly to the recipient. You have the option of adding your return address to the envelope. If you are sending a gift along with the card, the gift and greeting card will placed inside another package and sent to the recipient.

Personalizing Items

If you would like us to add a personalized message to your item, click on the PERSONALIZE THIS ITEM link and you will get instructions on adding the personalization. You can always add, make changes, or remove the personalization when you view the item from the shopping cart page.

Shipping Options

When you are building your order, we will automatically choose the least expensive shipping method. When you go to the View Cart page, you will have the option to make changes to the shipping method.

Our site provides instant shipping calculations based upon your delivery address. Plus, you'll see the delivery times for each shipping option.

Scheduled Ship Date

You don't need to guess about when your order will be shipped. When you press the CHECKOUT button on the View Cart page, you'll see the date that your package(s) are scheduled to leave our fulfillment center.

Secure Online Payment - Credit Card

After pressing the CHECKOUT button on the View Cart page, you will be presented with the payment options. We offer secure online checkout using the major credit cards including: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express. Upon completion, you'll receive an order confirmation via email. You'll also have the option of printing a copy of your order.

Secure Offline Payment - Check, Money Order or Credit Card

After pressing the CHECKOUT button on the View Cart page, you will be presented with an option to print your order and submit it via the mail or fax. If you prefer, you can also call Customer Service and place the order over the phone.

Email Confirmation - Order Shipped

Once your order has left our fulfillment center, you will receive an email message confirming shipment of the package(s).